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Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service

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Collaboration can help your employees combine their knowledge and experience with others—co-workers, vendors, partners—and help you gain a competitive edge. But given all the options available, what is the best way to enable collaboration within your organization?

Cloud-based Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service (UCCaaS) is an option that needs to be considered, no matter where you are on the collaboration continuum because it:

  • Eliminates complexity
  • Augments limited resources
  • Provides budget predictability

Eliminates complexity.

UCaaS streamlines the delivery of the tools your workers need to increase their productivity with whatever device they are using virtually wherever they are. The as-a-service model means the complexities historically associated with the in-house deployment, management and maintenance of enterprise communication hardware and software go away.

Augments limited resources.

Removing the need for your IT staff to deploy, manage and upgrade communication and collaboration services and applications, allows IT to make the best use of its staff to drive the business forward.

Provides budget predictability.

The as-a-service model means that services are delivered when and where you want them, which helps mitigate unplanned expenses. This enables your organization to make the best use of its capital.

Verizon and Cisco have teamed together to deliver UCCaaS, based on proven enterprise technology and expertise, to offer your organization the transformative collaboration capabilities you need to fully empower your entire workforce.

With UCCaaS, your organization can achieve better business outcomes while IT can benefit organizationally, financially and technically.

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